Tuesday 29 March 2016

Hiwassee river to downtown Chattanooga

Fort Marr blockhouse from early 19th century. It was used to detain Cherokee Indian people before their trip to west. It looked there are no windows...

Walked down a little through whoods to get to Hiwassee river. Squirrels were hopping around.


Left Hiwassee and drove down to Ocoee. Found a great lookout, Parksville Lake view from above.

And downtown Chattanooga.

I have probably spent enough time seeing mountains and waterfalls... better have some time around cities now.

Sunday 20 March 2016

Back to Cherokee National Forest

My PC somehow decided to disable SD card drive... looked for solution on internet and now it's working.
さて、前日のFall Creek Fallsに引き続き滝見物ハイク。

I'm not a member of waterfall admirers however it is always nice to have it. Falls Branch trail#87.

And lunch at my favorite place, Turkey Creek lookout.

Sunday 13 March 2016

Go west

またまた快晴の週末、Athensから西へ向かい、Fall Creek Falls State Parkへ。途中、テネシー川を越えPikevilleの手前で雲海が広がる。

It was about 1hr and half drive but my iPad clock had moved only 30min... When did I get into different time zone?

It really reminded me of Blue Mountains in Australia.

Fall Creek Fallsは、256フィートだから・・・78メートル。ロッキー山脈の東側で一番の落差だそうです。

The round hike including going all the way down to the bottom of the fall was about 3mils. It was definitely worth walking.

State Park全体はキャンプ場や、自転車道が整備されていて、ダム湖で釣りを楽しむ人やゴルフ場も。着いた頃には静かだった駐車場も、ハイキングから戻るころにはいっぱいに。
I would love to come back some time.
On my way back, I think it was just after passing Dunlap on route111.

And back to Tennessee river crossing on route30.


Thursday 10 March 2016

Dragon's tail and to Cherohara Skyway

"If you don't like the weather in Tennessee, wait for another day..."
2回目の週末は最高の観光日和。Dragon's tailと呼ばれるインターステート129号のワインディングを抜けて、一旦ノースカロライナ州に入り、Cherohara Skywayの入口へ。

Beautiful Tennessee morning starts with freezing temperature. Headed to I-129, throw the Dragon's tail and entered the Cherohara Skyway from east.


And found this beautiful look out, "Turkey Creek overlook.

Cherohara Skyway take you back to Telico Plains. It looked like cherry blossom just started blooming.

Monday 7 March 2016

Sweet Home Alabama

There was one place I really wanted to visit during this trip. Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, Alabama.

Largest number of motorcycle collection in the world. It even had Yamaha RX50, the very first mortorcycle I had when I was 16.
And of course, Harley Davidson XR1000.
片道200マイルだから・・・320キロ。テネシー州から、ジョージア州を経てアラバマ州へ。途中、インターステート59号線のアラバマ州に入るところにあった「Sweet Home Alabama」のサイン。映画Forrest Gumpはアラバマが舞台でした。
I have to come back at least one more time before I leave.