Tuesday 12 April 2016

Chattanooga Cruise-in

Coker Tire
友人から、ここだけは絶対行ったほうがいいと言われたCoker Tire本社?にある博物館。普段は平日しか開いてないんです。
Finally, I made it to Coker Tire. They opened one Saturday for Chattanooga Cruise-in.


It was little windy and chilly April with perfect blue sky. The weather makes the day so much better.

No matter how old I get, things I enjoy doesn't change much at all.

Born freeに出展したバイクだと思う。

Thank you Coker Tire, thank you Chattanooga, thank you sunny day.


Friday 8 April 2016

Memphis, here I come!


Left Athens 5am in the morning and headed west.

Passing through beautiful Tennessee valley. Sun came up just before I reached to Murfreesboro.

Memphisの手前100kmほどにあるBrownsvilleでSt. Louisから来た友人と待ち合わせMemphisへ。

The Graceland

Elvis Presleyのファンと言うわけではないけれど、ここまで来たので行ってきました。

I think I have seen only 1 movie he was in. Maybe I look for some more.

And Beale Street


One thing I wanted to do in Memphis was to take a photo of my friend designed "The Memphis Motorcycles" t-shirt in Memphis.

Just outside of Brownsville, saw this... I have now idea how it's called but something that we don't see in Japan.

Monday 4 April 2016

Helen, Georgia... little Bavaria and Brasstown Bald

I met a group of German guys working for VW Audi in Toyohashi sometime around 1992. They were all good guys but they were picking on one of them over about where he was from. That was the first time I ever heard about "Bavaria".


Is this plate for one person? Oh, I'm in the State. I should've known better...

On the way back, stopped at Brasstown Bald. Georgia's highest mountain. It is hard to capture the beauty in a photo but worth visit.


On the top, learning a little be about Trail of Tears.

Saturday 2 April 2016

Oak Ridge story

Being Japanese myself, it was very interesting to see the other side.

Oak Ridgeは、第二次大戦中、原爆の製造工場があった街です。マンハッタン計画の資料が展示されているAmerican Museum of Science & Energyへ行ってみました。


Oak Ridgeは当時、軍に管理され、街への出入りも厳しく行われていたようです。


Maybe because non of my close family members really experienced battles during the WW2, I grew up without learning much about the war. And thanks to that, I never look at any nations as enemy of my country. But I think it is very important to know what happened in the past for the better future.