Friday 8 April 2016

Memphis, here I come!


Left Athens 5am in the morning and headed west.

Passing through beautiful Tennessee valley. Sun came up just before I reached to Murfreesboro.

Memphisの手前100kmほどにあるBrownsvilleでSt. Louisから来た友人と待ち合わせMemphisへ。

The Graceland

Elvis Presleyのファンと言うわけではないけれど、ここまで来たので行ってきました。

I think I have seen only 1 movie he was in. Maybe I look for some more.

And Beale Street


One thing I wanted to do in Memphis was to take a photo of my friend designed "The Memphis Motorcycles" t-shirt in Memphis.

Just outside of Brownsville, saw this... I have now idea how it's called but something that we don't see in Japan.

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