Tuesday 3 May 2016

Cherokee Indian People

It's already been over 2 weeks since I got back to Japan... Here's more places I have visited while I was in Tennessee.
Museum of Cherokee Indian

About 2hrs from Athens, Tennessee, passing through number of pretty towns and communities around North Carolina border. I was already enjoying just getting there.

テネシー州のAthensから一路ノースカロライナ州へ。州境の山々を越えながら、チェロキーインディアンの町へ来ました。アメリカへ来るまで全く知らなかったCherokee Indianの歴史を博物館で学びます。


I had no idea how much interaction there was between British and Cherokee people. I would never imagine that actually Cherokee people were invited to England.

Being Japanese, I often compare history of people in other regions to ours. Japan and Japanese people are very unique with rich history... I think. Visiting Cherokee town and learning about them makes me want to learn more about history of ourselves.